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Life College is an education ministry of Life Church.

Responsive & Interactive

At Life College, our students come from all walks of life, all church affiliations, and all age groups. Generally, everyone starts out on the same level at Life College where they earn their Basic, General, and Advanced Biblical Certificates in that order.

Wider Scope

We welcome you to Life College to participate in and be transformed through our 12-week intensive certificate program, by auditing courses, enroll in one of our one and two-year accredited program, a bachelors program or our, Masters and Doctoral degrees.

Our Mission

Life College firmly believes that a Christ centered education will prepare students for successful careers, fulfilled dreams and effective ministry. We work with individuals across the country and the world from different backgrounds, cultures and churches

Welcome to Life College

Life’s educational mission rests upon two principles: academic excellence and institutional independence. A broad perspective is encouraged through opportunities for off-campus internships, overseas study programs, and adjunct seminars Life College has been to provide quality education to Christ followers around the world. With a strong entrepreneurial mindset, Life College enables the best and the brightest to think out of the box with an education program tailored to their needs giving them the essential skills, knowledge and core values to impact their world.

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Life College is a Spirit empowered school, engaging culture with presence, hope, resourcing strategic partnerships, valuing diversity, creativity, investing in the future of education, caring for the needs of our students, excellence in preparation and delivery

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The Sky's The Limit

LC provides multiple undergraduate and graduate methods

No matter if it is a one-year certificate in Biblical Studies, a two-year Associates Degree, a three-year Ministerial Degree or a Masters, Doctoral or PhD.

Life College degree programs

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Bachelor of Ministry

This is a two-year (10-month) study program.

Master of Divinity

Life College offers graduate and undergraduate studies

Master of Ministry

Our MMS is two-year 60 semester hour study

Doctor of Theology (ThD)

A researched based dissertation in the area of study is required to complete program.

Doctor of Divinity (D.Div.)

A masters degree in Biblical studies or equivalent is required

Doctor of Religious Philosophy
( PhD)

Requires researched based dissertation in the area of study to complete program.

Barney Phillips, PhD.

IT & Development

Dr. Cindye Coates


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The Faces Behind Our Success

Be in Demand with Our Certification Program

Dr. Florance Brooks-President

Life College certifications are for Students to put their talents and gifts to work.

  • Abundant Life Coaching
  • Biblical Counselor Licensure/Certification
  • Christian Educator Certification
  • Faith-Fitness Health & Wellness Coach
  • Professional Leadership Certification
  • ​Community Ministry & Social Work
  • Chaplain Certification
  • Healing & Deliverance Minister Certification
  • Prayer Intercessor Certification
  • Prophetic Minister Certification
  • Worship & Creative Arts Certification