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Christian Basics

By Educational Development Systems (EDS) Developed for Life College ( 3 Credit Hours)  

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. . . . I am your servant; give me understanding,that I may know your testimonies! (Psalm 119:105,125)

This foundational ministry training course focuses on some of the most basic truths in God’s Word, the Bible, for guiding Christian belief and behavior. Students will learn these truths, find where they are taught in Scripture, and grow in their ability to state Christian truths clearly and briefly to others.


1. You will study essential doctrines of historic, biblical Christianity and demonstrate knowledge through testing.

2. You will develop a growing sense of theological discernment so that you can affirm sound doctrines and reject false doctrines.

3. You will develop a theological framework for the rest of your studies at (Organization).

4. You will become more capable of explaining Christian truths to others and showing where these truths are found in the Bible.

Each week read the assigned lesson, listen to video lectures, and do the quiz for the week. You will have 45 minutes to answer 25 questions on each quiz. You can refer to the written lesson while taking the quiz, but it is best to study carefully before taking the quiz. Once you start a quiz, you are not allowed another attempt on that quiz, so be ready ahead of time.

Grading Scale
A 95-100%   A- 90-94%   B+ 87-89%   B 83-86%   B- 80-82%  
C+ 77-79%   C 73-76%   C- 70-72%    D+ 67-69%   D 63-66%   D- 60-62%   F 0-59%
Your average grade for all assignments in the class must be at least 60%.
Otherwise, you will fail the class and will receive no course credit.

Note: You must complete all work by the final deadline of the course. If you are not done by that date, you will have to take the class again in order to receive credit. In-completions are considered drops.

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