Institutional Overview

Institutional Overview

Life College Educating the next Generation

Mission- How we want to achieve our vision.  The Mission of Life College is to provide a secure, respectful, and spiritual learning environment that encourage students and faculty to study and grow professionally, in the ecclesiastical field through sound biblical instruction. 


Why we exist as an institution.

The Purpose of the Life College is to serve the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ by providing academic certificate and degree programs from the conservative biblical position for spiritual growth, biblical knowledge, and development in Christian Ministry.


Our vision as an institution.

To advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ through quality Christian Education. To produce Christian men and women to be successful in the field of ministry, specifically to minister to a troubled and complex world

Core Values/Beliefs

What we stand for and how we build Christian Character as an institution. 

1. God – Centered perspective through the study of His revelation in creation, history, and the irrationality of man. 2. A disciplined approach to life reflected in better habits of study, prayer, knowledge,  understanding, activity, and faith. 3. Enable the students to realize his/her full potential and be useful to themselves and others. 4. Develop an approach for man’s responsibilities toward God, and to glorify Him and His Church. 5. A Christ-Centered character and a commitment that brings honor and glory to Him and His Church.

Institution/Goals & Objectives

1.  To demonstrate how to acquire knowledge including the discovery of resources and their utilization and evaluation. 2. To demonstrate how to study including the evidence of its relevance the through the written and spoken word. 3. To cooperate with others in the Christian Ministry if at all possible. 4.  To demonstrate an understanding of the contemporary events, issues, and problems from a  Christian perspective without compromising Christian values. 5. To demonstrate an understanding of skills of communications including perceptivity and sensitivity in grammar, adaptability to audiences, and flexibility in style and approach. 6. To present a reasoned defense of the Christian faith based on the Biblical revelation that is intellectually and rationally sound. 7.  To clearly divine expound the scriptures in a systematic and understandable fashion.